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By:DeputyRepresentative Belo Horizonte
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jun 2015

Alternative solutions to strengthen Brazil´s energy mix have been intensively discussed over the years. New projects in energy generation will become a priority, since the fear of new blackouts in the current electrical power systems has increased due to continuing drought. Thus, the federal government, through its Ministry of Mines and Energy, has published an open tender on energy provided by wind power and photovoltaic systems earlier this year.

Over the past months, the photovoltaic option has been widely mentioned as the most appropriate (on the short term) for the country´s needs, especially considering implementation costs. Hence the open talks the Minas Gerais Energy Company (CEMIG) had with State representatives’ Energy Commission regarding the possibility of extending a wind and solar energy project that was already implemented in the southern part of the State of Bahia (through a subsidiary company, RENOVA) to the neighbouring northern region of Minas Gerais.

“The proposal of the Mining and Energy Commission, which considers Renova participating in auctions involving sites in Minas Gerais, is fully feasible, seen that the wind and solar park we have in Southern Bahia is contiguous to the North of Minas Gerais. On the border with Minas and Bahia is where we have the best winds and the best sunshine in the country. It is within our business plan,” said the president of CEMIG, Mauro Borges Lemos. He also cautioned that the confirmation of these investments depends mainly on advances in environmental management.”

The open tender for the implementation of wind and solar in in the country has a deadline for interested parties to submit their projects to EPE (Energy Research Enterprise) until July 10. The contracts will last for a 20-year term.

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Reported by Marcos Souza – Deputy Representative
with the contribution of Jan Bruin – Economisch Beleidsmedewerker


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