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Biotechtown Business Development Program

BiotechTown is the first privately run center in Brazil dedicated exclusively to the development of companies, products and businesses in the areas of Biotechnology and Life Sciences. The objective is to boost startups and established companies, providing an integrated environment and the resources necessary for their insertion and expansion in the market.

BiotechTown emerged from the need to solve the existing gaps in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences industries to enable the growth of companies while minimizing the inherent risks in the management, technology and production processes. BiotechTown consists of three units operating in an integrated way:

Business Developer

Focuses  on making your business grow.
Business Developer will use custom methodology for startup development and makes capital investments to expand and scale businesses with support of an experienced and successful team. It will provide support in a variety of areas including regulatory affairs, market intelligence and intellectual property, as well as access to an extensive network of mentors and global partners.

Open Lab

Expertise to develop your product.
‍Open lab will offer access to laboratory structure, equipment and professionals to meet business demands aimed at the rapid development of products, with predictable costs and without capital immobilization to meet the needs and possibilities of biotechnology and life sciences companies.


Agility to bring your product to market.
Structure designed for high performance production, which offers customized services for the development and validation of pilot lots and production of commercial lots, minimizing the costs of the productive process and the investments involved, with established standards of information security and intellectual property.

Biotechtown Business Development Program – Call for Projetcs

BiotechTown Business Developer launches its first Business Development Program. The Program is exclusively dedicated to biotechnology and life science technologies areas. It combines technical expertise from an experienced team, capital investment, network, access to a comprehensive range of mentors and global partners and customized methodology to boost your new business.
BiotechTown Business Development Program expects the participanting company to reach a new operational standard after the 12 months of activities, increasing market success by a better commercial performance or product development focused on customer demands and requirements.
We encourage everyone who intends to participate on the Program to ask questions to BiotechTown’s team during the application process. It will be a pleasure to establish a relationship with your company even before the Program actually starts. The e-mail is available to request further information.

Priority Areas for Investment
For this first call for projects, the BiotechTown Business Development Program focuses primarily on startups and new businesses in product/technology validation and early commercial stage. The candidates must present a MVP (minimum viable product) or prototype, or must be able to conduct commercial tests and validations along the Program duration. The business must develop innovative solutions applied in the fields of biotechnology and life science, preferably with applications in the following areas:

  • In Vitro Diagnostics Innovative tests solutions, seeking to promote personalized medicine.
  • New biomarkers to predict and monitor recurrent diseases.
  • Laboratory diagnostics solutions applied to human and animal health, including new methods, fast tests and point of care allowing information integration and management.
  • Health Tech New medical electronic records to integrate and manage patient’s information from different sources.
  • Platforms capable of analyzing great volumes of clinical data, complementary exams, patient’s daily activities, among others, seeking to predict clinical conditions, as well as to monitor patient’s evolution.
  • Sensors and wearable devices to support diagnostics, prescriptions and longitudinal analysis of patients.
  • Agribusiness New technologies for planting and harvesting management, with focus to support small, medium and larger farmers on their business development, on risks and impact reduction.
  • Sensorial devices to map and to monitor land characteristics and productivity, weather predictability and animal control.
  • Big data platforms with application on precision agriculture.
  • New products, materials and technologies applied on biological control of plagues and diseases.
  • Food New bio based new materials and ingredients, and technologies to support healthiness, naturalness and practicality of food product.
  • New bio-packaging materials and biotechnologies that, without compromising their sensorial characteristics, are able to increase the shelf life of products, guarantee inviolability and also recyclability.

Download the complete call for proposals here:

Call for proposals

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