Brazilian Startups show innovation in the Netherlands

Considered the most important global startup competition in the world, the Get in the Ring happens in the Netherlands

By:Lucila Almeida


out 2022

Considered the most important global startup competition in the world, the Get in the Ring happens in the Netherlands, and it gathers companies from all continents to share their histories, connect to people with similar ideas, and make new businesses happen. This year Brazil will be represented in Haya, on November 13th and 14th, by five startups: DigiFarmz, Aarin, Datlo, Netword Agro, and Trashin.


All five startups were highlighted at the “Challenge Like a Boss”, held in Brazil by the Serviço de Apoio a Micro e Pequenas Empresas (Service of support to micro and small companies – Sebrae). The goal of the Brazilian initiative is to boost the entrance of startups at the ecosystem of worldwide innovation.


Since 2012, when it started in the Netherlands, the competition Get in the Ring, has connected 10.000 startups, from 100 countries in more than 500 cities.


Meet the representatives from Brazil at the Get in The Ring, 2022:


  • Trashin is a startup that promotes circular economy through actions, aiming creative sustainability. The services of residual management, reverse logistics, the Trashin method of Education and the T certificate will be introduced to entrepreneurs, customers, investors, and researchers from all over the world. It is the champion of the 2022 edition of “Challenge Like a Boss”, from Sebrae.


  • DigiFarmz is a digital platform that combines research data, climate information, cultivars genetics, seeding dates, local, and other parameters, to produce intelligent recommendations, which help producers, agronomists, and consultants on the phytosanitary management of soy diseases, introducing parameters for better decision taking. It was the champion of “Challenge Like a Boss 2020”.


  • Aarin, the first payment platform specialized in PIX and open banking, has the proposal of making any company offer financial service, not needing to become a bank. The differential is that around 80 percent of the company team is composed of women. It was the finalist of “Like a Boss 2021” edition.


  • Datlo is a startup of Geographic Intelligence, and it uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to help companies to find opportunities in the market, according to the localization, like new places to perform, potential customers and team optimization. The company started in 2018, in Maringá. It was the finalist of the 2021 “Like a Boss” edition.


  • Netword Agro has developed a system of soil and agriculture monitoring that takes science and technology to the field, aiming to increase rentability and quality of life to producers. It was the finalist of the 2021 edition of “Like a Boss”.


Source: Sebrae


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