Brazilian theme park looking for franchising in small food business – e.g. kiosks street food

By:DeputyRepresentative Belo Horizonte
Business Opportunities


set 2016

The city of Santana do Livramento, on the Brazilian border with Uruguay, will launch one of the most important investments in its history: the Amsterland Tourist Complex – Thermal and Adventure Water Park. The complex, to be installed in an area of 13 hectares, will focus on the general public and local associates, with access throughout the year and will feature different business units besides the park itself, with hotels, food courts, shops, a cinema, playgrounds and parkings.

The investment will be presented to the regional press and to the public on the 26th of September, with the presence of Brazilian and Uruguayan authorities, its investors and the first enlisted members of the Amsterland Thermal Park.

The decoration is inspired on the Netherlands, using the city of Amsterdam as an example with its canals, boats and typical houses.

At this moment the executive board of Verde Plaza (the holding of Amsterland), is looking for ideas in how to make a parternship and/or buy a franchising of a small food chain (fast food) with Dutch products like e.g. Krokketen-bitterballen.

Companies  interested to get in contact with Amsterland can write NBSO Brazil at call at +55 51 3378 1144 

Reported by Deputy Rep Luiz Bueno

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