Equipment for the Paper and Pulp Industry

By:Deputy Representative Porto ALegre
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ago 2017

Equipment for the Paper and Pulp Industry

The prospect of a possible increase in demand for paper products led Phenix Indústria e Comércio de Filtros Ltda, located in the district of Rondinha Nova, in the city of Arroio do Sal, to invest R$ 11 million in the purchase of new equipment and expansion of the industrial unit. The industry of manufacture of forming fabrics, felts and spiral dryer fabrics for machines used in the pulp and paper industry employs 42 workers. With this investment, it will double the current production of 12 forming fabrics/month and 15 felts/month. Focusing on this positive scenario, Phenix managers informed officials of the State Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology of the company’s plans to expand the physical facilities and import new equipment from Germany.

Rolls of paper manufactured by Phenix are used by the brewing, ceramic and sugar-ethanol industries and in fiber cement slates. According to Vilsonil Rodrigues, director of the company, in addition to Brazil, Phenix exports to Chile and Bolivia. The expansion project includes the installation of equipment for solar PV power generation.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Secretary of SDECT, Evandro Fontana, and coordinated by the Investor’s Room, the team of executives of Phenix received detailed information on environmental licensing, as well as on the tax regime for the purchase of equipment manufactured in Rio Grande do Sul, acquired in other states or even imported. Also, information on eligibility for incentives under Fundopem/RS and Rio Grande do Sul’s Industrial Development Harmonization Program – Integrar/RS was provided, since the company will create 65 new jobs in the city of Arroio do Sal. The representative of FGTAS – Fundação Gaúcha do Trabalho e Ação Social, which operates the agencies of SINE in Rio Grande do Sul, listed the different actions that can be taken to support the company in the area of personnel recruitment. The executives also received detailed information on the financing lines operated by BRDE, Badesul and Banrisul, which are part of the economic development system of Rio Grande do Sul.


Source: jornal Zero Hora e Secretary of Development


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