Health Care institution to open new Life Sciences Colleges

By:DeputyRepresentative Belo Horizonte
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set 2016

On the context of recent shortages on health labour force, Brazilian government has called upon foreign doctors to provide basic health services to highly demanded areas all over the country.

It is on this scenario that private colleges have started making available a variety of health-related courses hence levelling up technological equipments purchases of these schools – in some cases closely funded by private hospitals.

UNIMED is one of the main Health Care Insurances companies of the country and with 114 own hospitals and nearly 3,000 partners, the company developed expertise not only in health care area as well as in hospital management. They have formed 418 classes from health graduate degree, management and cooperativism.

Currently, the company has been granted the governmental permission to open its new colleges to the general public and it will also offer free technical courses such as elderly caregiving assistance.

The opening of these new specialised colleges is expected to enquire new products and expertises of which interested Dutch MKB may contact us at for more information.


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