NIDERA reconfirms their investment in Rio Grande do Sul

By:DeputyRepresentative Belo Horizonte
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ago 2016

Brazil continues to be an attractive market to invest, mainly in the areas of agriculture and logistics.

Nidera Sementes (HQs in NL) reconfirmed this month the expansion of their operations in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, with three new units for receiving grain. The investment will be around 15 million dollars.
The company will build a waterway terminal in Canoas (metropolitan area of Porto Alegre) to facilitate the transport of grains to the Port of Rio Grande, this project will be of an investment of 30 million dollars.
The Dutch multinational Nidera, apart from receiving a variety of grains and exporting these commodities to Europe, is also a major supplier of fertilizers to the Brazilian market, through the Port of Rio Grande.

About Nidera
Nidera Sementes is an international trader, marketer, producer of bioenergy and related services for the agriculture sector in Brazil. They are a supplier in the business chain of grains, oilseeds and crop technology, acting as an efficient connector between commodity producers and users as an integrated agribusiness partner. Nidera’s presence in Brazil dates back to 1969. NideraSementes has its Brazilian HQ in São Paulo.

Information obtained with Secretary of Transport – with Director of Infrastructure Ivan Bertuol. This news may inspire Dutch companies with related products to further focus on the sector of Logistics and Infrastructure.

Reported by Deputy Rep
Luiz Bueno
NBSO Brazil Porto Alegre


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