Energy Production sites in Foz do Iguaçú (PR): CIBiogas, Itaipu Binational and Energy Project meeting in Chapecó (SC)

By:Lucila Almeida


mar 2019

In February 2019, NBSO Porto Alegre visited CIBiogas and Itaipu Binational at Foz do Iguaçú, in the state of Paraná.  Both companies are focused on Energy production. CIBiogas has its focus on Biogas while Itaipu Binational is well known for its hydropower.

Picture by NBSO Porto Alegre

CIBiogás-ER is the International Center on Renewable Energy a nonprofit institution focused on science, technology and innovation, with administrative and financial autonomy. Together with the team we visited the projects developed by them, such as Granja Haack, Ceramic Stein, the municipality of Entre Rio do Oeste, the Biogas Laboratory and the Itaipu Demonstration Unit. CIBiogas develops studies in all fields related to Biogas, such as electrical energy, biomethane, thermal energy besides feasibility studies, business models, chemical-physics lab analysis, among others. NBSO Porto Alegre would be pleased to share its knowledge and experiences with Dutch organizations with an interested in this field.

Picture by NBSO Porto Alegre

Picture by NBSO Porto Alegre

At the Itaipu Binational a technical visit was paid to the dam, which is located in the Paraná River, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay with a capacity to generate 14 GW produced by 20 generating units providing 700 MW each.

In both visits’ cooperation partnerships were discussed specially for Business, Education and Knowledge Exchange.

Also in February, the team of NBSO Porto Alegre had the opportunity to visit the municipality of Chapecó, in Santa Catarina state. Two important meetings took place with local and state authorities and institutions, a technologic center, as well as entrepreneurs and managers.

Picture by ACIC Chapecó

Once again, the topic Energy production was discussed as well as cooperation on business development, education and knowledge exchange.



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