First operational stage celebrations held at Touristic Complex Amsterland

By:Lucila Almeida


mar 2019

On March 9th, 2019, the Amsterland Touristic Complex had its first opening. The celebrations were held as Amsterland reached its first operational stage. The complex of Amsterland is situated in the city of Santana do Livramento, a municipality 497 km from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, close to the border of Uruguay.

Mr. Luiz Bueno, NBSO´s previous Deputy Representative, who was involved in the project since its development untill his retirement last year, attended the festivities. Mr. Bueno is very enthusiastic about the possibilities of the leisure park. “The Amsterland Touristic Complex is a unique project with its hot springs, park, hotel, inn, shops, and restaurants. The architectural design is inspired by the typical style of houses from Amsterdam. For families as well as businesses it will be worth to pay a visit.”

NBSO Porto Alegre keeps an eye on developments and new updates about Amsterland will be released via this website in the future.

For more information:
instagram: @amsterlandtermal
facebook: @complexoturisticoamsterland

Rua Rivadávia Corrêa, 956 – Centro
Santana do Livramento, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Call (55) 3244-1419


Sergipe Street nº1167 – Room 1502 Funcionários – BH/MG CEP: 30130-171

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