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October 25th – 27th, 2017 – 11am to 9pm
The International Coffee Week (ICW) is a gathering of coffee growers, roasters, tasters, exporters, buyers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, baristas, coffee shop owners and enthusiasts. The event takes place in Belo Horizonte – capital of the largest coffee producing state in Brazil – and presents to thousands of worldwide professionals, several actions in the areas of Market & Consumption, Knowledge & Innovation and Business & Entrepreneurship.

Dutch Coffee buyers are invited to participate in te International Hosted Buyers Program. Organized by INDI, the Minas Gerais Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, the buyers program invites Dutch companies to meet with local specialty coffee growers as well as large coffee traders. Everything will be taken care of, from international travel to local transport, hotel, translator and assistance during the fair. The Buyers program will finance one buyer per selected company. Please contact NBSO Brazil for further information and how to apply.

Meet the finest coffee growers

Production in Brazil is characterized by regional differences in soil, climate, and altitude which give the coffees their different hints of aromas and flavors. These differences are also notable in production systems with highly mechanized systems in some regions to others where coffee growing is predominantly family-oriented. Come and taste it all!

Coffee of the Year 2017 Award

Coffee samples are sent by national producers throughout Brazil and then tasted by national and international classifiers. There will be over a 200 samples, different flavors and direct trade with farmers. Afterwards, the best 10 samples are tasted and voted by the attendees and compete for the Coffee of the Year award.

Taste flavors across all the regions of Brazil at the Cupping Rooms

Brazilian coffee samples of the 17/18 crop are sent from producers from all over Brazil and proven by classifiers and national and international buyers. Also, trade and exportation companies have the opportunity to present their beans to the attendees.

For more information on Brazil, doing business in Brazil or more specifically on The International Coffee Week 2017 and the Hosted Buyers program, you can contact NBSO Brazil by e-mail at or by telefone on +55 31 3504 3381



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